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Dating post Mask and isolation.

Dating post isolation and masks, but was already not easy before, this just made it worse.

So idk how many of single Americans have felt frustrated or just ready to give up or at least say things similar. Whether we mean them or not I think many of us have just had it and thrown in the towel a time or two.

We all say it and also say that or that. What I mean is we say we're gonna put more time in to me or I'm gonna take care of me and I give up and tend to isolate especially if most of our friends are not single. Older we get just adds to struggle. Older we get the more set in our ways, and have found being single isn't so bad but then there is those days we feel so depressed or just lonely cut off from the world besides work.

So add in The pandemic of 2020 and the masks and of course concerns with being infected. Then, isolation and being forced to stay home. Don't think for a min those things didn't effect our Psyce. I won't get to deep into it but when we don't interact with others or can't see one's face it's very hard, and we need that in our life when seeing facial expressions and smiles little traits we all have that, and is a part of our personality and now we just see eyes. That also causes us not to talk much.

All those issues have made communication with strangers very hard but even hard with people we've talked to before. But the biggest thing I believe is Effort and the breakdown of men and the whole feminist movement building for past 10 or 15 yrs. And not a shot at women it's got a point.

So no doubt that woman have become empowered and successful more and more these days and I'm one of the first to be a cheerleader for that. Never thought women to be less then a man, but do Believe we're not equal. We both have separate things that keep us from being equal but a lot of women have almost got a chip on their shoulder and that may have justification but still not a good thing

Chivalry is dead. Or it is for much of the country and divorce rates higher by far then ever. Single people staying single for yrs and yrs and being single parents and when successful they have no time for men and don't need one either. So they say. We need each other men are made to need a woman and women need a man whether you don't believe it or not.

There is a reason we are created to be husband and wife and why we need both to have children that we teach and give them the tools to be good peoole in society. Now with schools being terrible and amongst the lowest in the world as far as education levels and that is hard and puts more on parents to do even better molding our kids into good solid productive people for the next generation.

It's a cycle since us GenXers we have to be concerned with the younger ones and they are smart kids but lack critical thinking skills and what I call street knowledge due to isolation with the technology world...... Mostly cell phones and video games.

So back to the story and dating, and how the system is failing hard and that can be detrimental to the future of our children or their children our grand children. So how do we change it? One thing is give more effort. But don't settle .

Be more open to dating or meeting someone for a drink or appetizer and if you use dating sites which unless more effort is put into it those are a waste of time. They are part of the problem if ya ask me. Think we have to easy of picks and won't let ya concentrate on one person when ya got 1000s of options at your finger tips and it's made women bad to. Internet on our phone is the horrible for dating. To many distractions and options to be sneaky.

I know men are at a place especially older ones to where we are shunned and made to feel we aren't worthy or good enough for succeful women or just not needed and the feminists have made us just shut down and not put the effort in to dating between exs breaking us down and told what a bad person we are by gas lighting quite a bit, these days if the relationship went bad or ended not well.

But so many cheating men and abusive men have help cause these women to turn this way so knock it off men. Keep your hands to yourself and get help and if ya cheat your with the wrong person and let them go if you have any heart.

So I end this with my original point we can't just be selfish and stay single or be a dog and cheat and treat people terrible to where we've made dating no fun or a huge challenge because of past issues or just plain over it and and make our standerds high and they should be but not impossible, and of course Effort is the #1 thing to any start or to succeed in a relationship and being more kind and whatever you need to do then to get rid of being unhappy with yorself to. Don't judge others and compliment others and see the return and quit tearing down others to feel better of yourself.

We can do better really. Effort with getting you right and effort in being kinder and appreciative of others as well.

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